Structured is purpose-built to elevate the strategic capabilities of revenue operations, addressing the challenges that impac day-to-day operations and long-term planning. Structured simplifies data integration, and provides turnkey queries, reports and alerts — so you can focus on what you do best.

What we do for you

⏱️ Drastically Reduce Data Request Response Times

Cut response times from weeks to hours in the first year.

By centralizing data across Salesforce, HubSpot, and other tools, Structured eliminates the need for manual consolidation. Instant access to unified data accelerates response times, enhancing team agility.

💰 Optimize Marketing Spend

Identify and shift budgets to the most profitable channels, reducing CAC by up to 30%.

Structured’s granular attribution modeling provides clear insights into channel performance, enabling data-driven budget reallocation to maximize ROI.

🤝 Streamline Sales and Marketing Alignment

Create a seamless alignment between all of your teams, resulting in a reduction in sales cycle length.

Structured bridges the gap between sales and marketing with shared data insights and unified lead scoring, fostering collaboration and accelerating the sales process.

🚀 Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increase CLTV by identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities, improving retention strategies.

AI-powered analysis of customer data highlights retention risks and revenue opportunities, informing proactive engagement and strategy adjustments.

📈 Achieve Unparalleled Forecast Accuracy

Increase forecast accuracy by 25% within 60 days.

Structured’s AI-driven analytics digest complex sales cycles, ensuring CRM updates reflect in real-time forecasts. This removes guesswork, enabling precise strategic decisions and budget allocations.

Solutions Tailored for Revenue Growth

Structured is not just a tool but a strategic partner focused on delivering specific outcomes that matter to Revenue Operations:

Improved Sales/Marketing Efficiency

Break down the barriers between sales and marketing. Ensure all teams work from a source-of-truth dataset. Improve lead quality and streamline follow-up processes. Make every marketing dollar and sales effort count.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

Provide clear visibility into marketing and sales effectiveness. Pinpoint exactly on what’s working and what’s not — so you can double down on the most profitable acquisition channels for your business.

Customer Retention and Growth

Beyond acquisition, get the insights you need to nurture and expand your customer base. By understanding customer behaviors and trends, you can craft strategies that not only retain but also grow your accounts.

Accurate Revenue Forecasting

Use predictive analytics from Structured AI to forecast revenue with higher accuracy, grounding your strategic decisions in data rather than intuition and gut checks. Avoid surprises.

Structured’s value proposition lies in its ability to transform complex, fragmented data landscapes into a coherent, actionable strategy platform. By focusing on the specific outcomes that drive growth and efficiency, Structured empowers Revenue Operations to lead their teams to new heights of performance with confidence and clarity.